Kirua Kinderhospital Hilfe  e.V.
Kilimanjaro / Tansania

Project support in Africa, why?

I am repeatedly asked how my involvement in Africa began.
I can only say that chance has determined everything. During a hiking tour in Nepal we decided to climb Kilimanjaro the following year.
Said and done, we climbed Kili with a group of 10 people in 2013. You have a lot of time to talk to other people. So I also had a longer conversation with one of our guides. He told me about the school system in Tanzania and that his son, who was about 8 years old at the time, would soon attend a state school in Tanzania.
However, he has not been very positive about the Tanzanian school system and in a form of social insertion I have promised him to support his son in a private school.
When I arrived home, I started looking for a suitable way to support. I searched the Internet for suitable possibilities and actually found what I was looking for.
I found out that the association Kinderhilfe Moshi/Tanzania e.V. from Linnich near Aachen places children in Tanzania as sponsored children and supports them in specially funded schools.
A very positive conversation with the chairman of the association, Mrs. Mechthild Ritz, then led to success. Since then, I have been supporting my guide's son, regularly receive beautiful testimonials and am very satisfied with his achievements.
In addition to building and maintaining schools, this association also built a hospital on the edge of Kilimanjaro National Park. I then participated in it through my own fundraising campaigns in the Trier area and marveled at the construction of the hospital with my own visit in January 2019.
The hospital was officially opened in August 2019 and has since then been steadily expanded and equipped. I was able to organize an aid delivery by container myself, in which, among other things, beds from the Brüderkrankenhaus Trier and an X-ray system from the Mutterhaus Trier were delivered.
After the hospital opened, we had to manage staff in addition to the construction. But since accommodation is in short supply in this region, we have thought about the construction of staff apartments. However, the additional tasks for the association in Aachen became too much and I decided to create my own association in our region.
In autumn 2019, the time had come, and we were able to create the association Kirua Kinderhospital Hilfe e.V. Meanwhile, our association has 39 (May 2022) members and is organized purely on a voluntary basis. No one in our association receives a remuneration for his work and we can therefore guarantee that all donations go 100% to Tanzania and are used there for a specific purpose.
All expenses in Tanzania are controlled and monitored by us. So, we can guarantee that no donations will be misused.
Meanwhile we were able to build a house with 10 rooms, each room equipped with a small bathroom and small kitchen. However, more work is needed (May 2022) before staff can move in there. About 100 thousand euros have already been donated and installed.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors for their commitment, without them the project would be impossible.
In the future, our association will deal with the construction of a hospital school. We hope that this project will also be successful and would like to thank all supporters.