Kirua Kinderhospital Hilfe  e.V.
Kilimanjaro / Tansania


Hospital in the shadow of Kilimanjaro

If it were not a hospital, but a hotel, then we could charge horrendous prices for one night, at least in Europe. After all, you can look directly at Kilimanjaro, the king of the mountains of Africa, from some hospital rooms.

An almost unbelievable view of the south side of the almost 6000-meter-high mountain, surrounded by banana trees and a lot of untouched nature, as on the other side of the road the Kilimanjaro National Park already begins, with strict deforestation and construction ban, a scenic paradise.

August 2019

Finally, the time has come, our efforts of the last few years are bearing fruit.

The hospital is officially opened, but admittedly

a bit too early, because it is still not finished and partly a construction site, at least on the upper floors.

But we are confident and continue to strive to complete the hospital step by step.

Since we consciously operate a private hospital, we are still dependent on your donations. We want to stay private because we would decide on the use of donations ourselves.

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